College Calendar

The academic year consists of three periods of ten-week classes plus four days for final exams. Students are not enrolled in classes during the summer quarter, but a range of opportunities for special programs and internships is available to them, should they wish to participate.

The Calendar and the K-Plan

Kalamazoo College provides opportunities for experiential education on and off campus, domestically and internationally, through its distinctive K-Plan. During their four years at the College, students develop foundations skills to prepare for lifelong learning. They are encouraged to undertake explorations that challenge, deepen, and extend their understanding of themselves and the world they inhabit. They are guided in establishing connections among their educational experiences, thereby enabling them to function successfully within a complex world. This holistic perspective on education, broadened by a multicultural curriculum and work experiences in several settings, equips Kalamazoo College graduates to fulfill their greatest potential in a diverse and rapidly changing world.

For the first year, students are enrolled for fall, winter and spring classes and have a vacation during the summer. In the second year, students are enrolled in classes fall, winter and spring quarters, but may participate in a one-quarter study abroad program during the spring quarter. We encourage second year students to work with the Center for Career and Professional Development staff to develop a career exploration internship or job during the summer after the second year. Typically, juniors participate in the study abroad program during the fall and winter quarters, returning to campus for classes during the spring. However, some students extend their study abroad to nine months. Many seniors will start their senior integrated project during the summer between the junior and senior year and complete it during fall, winter or spring.

Quarterly Events Calendar

An online Calendar of Events is updated quarterly with information on college programs open to the public.