Supporting Your Student

Advice and Guidance

Looking for articles on supporting your College student in the best way possible?

Visit the Advice and Guidance page for to get started!

Sending Mail

Do you need to send your student a special treat to brighten their day?

Review our Sending Mail to your Student page for mailbox information, helpful mail guidelines, and a list of local businesses.

Mental Health

We care about your student’s well being whether on campus or abroad.

We recommend that parents and families visit the Mental Health page for information on supporting students with treatment plans while abroad or on campus.

Supportive Services Across Campus

There are many programs and services to enhance the personal and academic lives of your students.

Review our Central Offices Across Campus page to see a list of administrators and what they do. Also see the Campus Resources for Parents and Families page for links to departments pertaining to academic, campus life, career, and student life.

Sexual Misconduct

Sexual misconduct can be a hard topic to understand and manage. If your student is involved in a case of alleged misconduct, as a complainant/survivor or as an accused student, it can be very difficult on many levels.

Please visit the Sexual Misconduct Information page for additional resources, essential information for families, risk factors, levels of support and more.