Central Offices Across Campus

Helping students make decisions which enable them…

There are various administrators on campus that conduct programs and provide services to enhance the personal as well as academic lives of your students. We are also available to help students with emergencies or small problems.

See the central office contacts should you or your student need to get into contact with anyone.

Central Office Contacts

Office and PurposeContact
Academic Advising
Advisors assist in program selection and evaluation, exploration of long-range goals, and coordination of educational opportunities.
Lesley Clinard
Director of Advising
Phone: 269.337.5767
Email: lesley.clinard@kzoo.edu
Academic Resource Centers (Learning Commons)
The Learning Commons offers peer assistance in math, writing, science, design, and library research.
Bela Agosa
Director of the Writing Center
Phone: 269.337.7381

Candace Bailey Combes
Learning Support Specialist and ESL Coordinator
Phone: 269.337.7469
Email: candace.baileycombes@kzoo.edu
Campus Life and Student Activities
The Office of Student Involvement coordinates social and educational activities, Student Government, student organizations, and leadership programs.
Jon Collier
Director of Student Activities
Phone: 269.337.7505
Email: jonathon.collier@kzoo.edu
Center for International Programs
The Center for International Programs sponsors study-abroad programs on 6 continents.
Margaret Wiedenhoeft, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Center for International Programs
Phone: 269.337.7133
Email: margaret.widenhoeft@kzoo.edu
Center for Career and Professional DevelopmentValerie Miller
Director, Center for Career and Professional Development
Email: valerie.miller@kzoo.edu
The counseling staff provides opportunities for students to share concerns, sort out thoughts and feelings, and make choices, with the assistance of a psychologist.
Pat Jorgenson
Director of Counseling
Phone: 269.337.7348
Email: patricia.jorgenson@kzoo.edu
Dean of Students
General student concerns, student conduct, welfare and emergencies.
Malcolm Smith
Vice President for Student Development and Dean of Students
Phone: 269.337.7209
Email: Malcolm.Smith@kzoo.edu
Dining Services
The Dining Services will serve your meal needs and answer all your campus dining concerns.
Ross Keller
Director of Dining Services
Email: ross.keller@kzoo.edu
Disability Services
Meeting the needs of students with disabilities.
Dana Jansma
Senior Associate Dean of Students
Phone: 269.337.7209
Email: dana.jansma@kzoo.edu
Financial Aid
Helping you understand the terms related to financial aid.
Becca Murphy
Director of Financial Aid
Email: becca.murphy@kzoo.edu
Health Care
The Student Health Center provides quality health care at a reasonable cost to K students.
Lisa Ailstock, P.A.-C.
Student Health Center Director
Phone: 269.337.7200 
Email: lisa.ailstock@kzoo.edu

Jennifer Combes
Office Coordinator
Phone: 269.337.7200
Email: jennifer.combes@kzoo.edu
International Student Concerns
The International Students and Scholars program handles enrollment, orientation and advising of international students.
Alayna Lewis
Associate Director, Center for International Programs
Phone: 269.337.7133
Email: alayna.lewis@kzoo.edu
Intercultural Student Life
Special focus on centering the experiences of students of color, first-generation students, international students, and lgbtgai+ students.
Justine Shelton
Director of Intercultural Student Life
Phone: 269.337.7212
Email: justine.shelton@kzoo.edu
Welcoming and acclimating new students and family members to campus.
Jon Collier
Director of Student Activities
Phone: 269.337.7505
Email: jonathon.collier@kzoo.edu
Religious and Spiritual Life
The Chapel office at Kalamazoo College seeks to help students as they engage in spiritual growth.
Elizabeth Hakken Candido, Ph.D., M.Div
Chaplain and Director of Religious and Spiritual Life
Phone: 269.337.7362
Email: elizabeth.candido@kzoo.edu
Residential Life and Housing
The residential system supports and reflects, in environment, philosophy and program, the educational mission of the College.
Adam Kubiak
Assistant Dean of Students, Residential Life & Student Conduct
Phone: 269.337.7210
Email: adam.kubiak@kzoo.edu
Safety and Security
Members of the Campus Safety department enforce safety policies, patrol the campus 24/7 and respond to emergencies.
Tim Young
Director of Campus Safety
Phone: 269.337.7321
Email: timothy.young@kzoo.edu
Student Accounts and Billing
Student financial accounts, billing, and financial obligations.
Juan Muniz
Student Accounts Coordinator
Phone: 269.337.7226 
Email: juan.muniz@kzoo.edu